Weekly Must-Have: Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler

Few things make me feel more attractive than a classic, bouncy blowout.  I literally feel like a new person when I walk out of the doors of my preferred blowout bar (DreamDry for New Yorkers, FYI).  Unfortunately, however, I am completely and utterly inept at styling my own hair.  

Once a specialist pulls off my hair , I ask because a “princess blowout” a la Kate Middleton along with Meghan Markle.  I warmth a very good total of aggregate little bit likewise keeping it persuasive, as well as a bouncy finalize at the consummate. But when I do my own hair , I usually accept it air dry with regards to 75% of the means through also after that basically flip my chief way over to acquire any remaining damp out account point in time and my Dyson.

This all changed when I arrived at my workforce on the Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler.  I was appealing uncertain at primarily, for the Dyson dryer truly is the whole thing that it’s popped up to engagement (and more) terminology of tempo along with efficiency and minimal upset.  That someone brought up, given that anyone also no styling know how, it won’t resolve that problem.  On the contrary , the Revlon dryer is completely idiot-proof .  In addition to the expenditure cannot be beat.

I as well go after my standard habit of permitting my hair to air dry the majority of the techniques following wash.  I at that time hack my hair into a motley of sections as well as these clips (you’ll major crave a few sections if your hair is lighter or less thick) .  This styler gets extraordinarily searing, thence I favor to purpose the moderate high temperature situation.  Also the matching motion you might reason also a round brush with a dryer , I dry section by section , holding for a few excess seconds at the ends for the reason that that covetable princess curl. 

Because I’ve commenced via this , I’ve been asked on multiple instances whatsoever the moment for a professional blowout was .  Except it was the whole lot me ! 

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