Weekly Must-Have: Londontown Lakur

For whatever reason, I feel completely ungroomed if my nail beds are bare. I truly don’t mind it on other people, and I often even notice nicely buffed bare nails on friends, but I, personally, can’t stand having unpainted fingertips. What bothers me the most, however, is chipped nails. This causes such foremost pain that I take nail polish remover pads my desk drawer at make effort. 

I’ve prolonged been bringing my own polish to my local nail salon every week , on the other hand prior to now it was as I sought the skill to do my own touch-ups .  Subsequent to ascertaining Londontown Lakur ($16), my MO quickly transformed.  I at present decline to reason what besides as this fully obliterates the hunger as touch-ups .  It lasts better than any different long-wear polish I’ve confirmed, and accept as true with me as I express I’ve verified one another everything. 

However better, one way or the other this enduring polish is non-toxic , meaning it doesn’t contains any of the nine general scratchy chemicals that more or less polishes rely on . Puzzler me that: a high-performance formula that is really good for you . 

For the filled monty , don’t hesitate to add the Londontown kur Nail Hardener in addition to Base Coat ($18) in addition to Londontown kur Gel Genius Top Coat ($20) to your stash .  If your beauty treatment doesn’t most recent at slightest a jam-packed week , yield me a outburst.

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