Skincare Talk With Biorecept’s Anne Dupouy Camet

We’re obsessed with all things French skincare (click here for our French pharmacy must-haves), so when we discovered Biorecept, and its amazing and affordable creams that work on all skin types, especially acne-prone, we were eager to learn more. We reached out to the creator for a chat on all things skincare.

Here’s our conversation with Anne Dupouy Camet, pharmacist, scientist, and founder of Biorecept, one of France’s most beloved skincare lines.

Beauty Banter: How made ready Biorecept come as regards to?
Anne Dupouy Camet: I’m really prolific in addition to saw 20 life developing breakthough technologies as variant popular global brands . I began wanting to serve the function of smoker’s skin (or skin bared to smoking) , given that this skin is gathered of everything the features, equivalent to premature aging , better greasy t-zone , plus boring skin tone .

BB: What is the Biorecept politics?
ADC: Whole biotechnology for the reason that healthy skin .

BB: Whatsoever makes your goods distinctive loves the varying french skincare lines?
ADC: High briefing of hyaaluronic acid (for case in point, Lift Eclat has 25 times supplementary hyaluronic acid than the average skin)) and the vectorisation of hyaluronic acid and a explicit put /vitamin or active ingredient .

BB: I awareness that you tolerate a lot of products because adult acne… is this a french fixation? A private craze?
ADC: I think it was an un suddenly met gap; heaps of adult acne urban lives .

BB: Whatsoever are the paramount creams since adult acne and why ?
ADC: Masque Osmotique, Mousse de Peau, Neobio because day, Biostrata de Peau for the reason that hour of darkness, in addition to Global Sunshine given that eyes .

BB: What is the only must-have merchandise inside the column – that will performance on every skin category also theme – along with why ?
ADC: Lyco Vitamine A; it’s precisely hydrating as well as firming , without personality too powerful or slippery.

BB: Should we engagement modifying our moisturizers with the seasons… why ?
ADC: Yes, because combinaison skin , inside chill, dryness is a greater question, then again in summer , slippery t-zone is the bigger issue.

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