Lashes & Luminosity With Kathleen Hou

Kathleen is as passionate about beauty as I am so her studio visit turned into a late night makeup party! We tested products, debated new formula innovations and chatted for hours about the beauty industry. One of our conclusions; Burberry is the most underrated of the beauty brands. Their Fresh Glow Gel Stick and Luminous Fluid Base are so good (see above)! I am also a big fan of their Face Contour Pen and Lip Color Contour.

Once it dawned instance to do Kathleen’s pretty face expression, I hunted to do a glimpse she hadn’t verified prior to – for all time difficult also beauty editors for the reason that they try out the entirety! I old a shimmery teal cream to craft an expanded cat eye (this manner perform conspicuously anyways on almond eye shapes) in addition to at that time spare Dark Swan of Denmark’s incredible downy lashes . The combo is eye catching and cool save for likewise wearable .

Note: To make out her eyelids closed , bond here to verify out the pleasure happy gif on our Instagram.

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