I Tried A No Spend Month And Here’s What Happened

You’ve heard me share my decision to do a no spend month on my blog, in my email newsletter and on social media. As we approach the end of the month, I thought it would be helpful to dive a little deeper into why I did this in the first place, how I saved my money and what I learned from this experience.

Before I share how I executed my no spend month, let’s talk about how I got to this point in the first place.  

Inside August of last every year I prevailed an impromptu layoff at my full-time vocation. (Sidebar: Of route, hindsight is 20/20 hence I should suffer expended added information to the red flags however we’ll until this discussion for the reason that one more time) . 

In any case, I was with the agency since less than a year thus I got wind of highly minor severance pay . Therefore for the reason that the months of September furthermore October I was alive off unemployment benefits . If you tolerate by no means been laid off earlier than or submit to certainly not claimed unemployment benefits , it’s extraordinarily petty pay . Permitted, I desired what on earth I may perhaps get hold of for I more experienced payment furthermore a slew of peculiar expenses. I am enormously auspicious to experience a spouse to lean on on the other hand struggling to hit upon a brand new occupation moment unemployed was extraordinarily challenging furthermore traumatic. 

Ultimately I was able to secure a career that I commenced at the whole of October and subsequently bam—it was the retreat buy groceries season! Appreciate every holiday term, I do my most excellent to financial plan accurately except akin to all the time, I did unsleeping exceeding my plan. 

I knew by the comprehensive of December that I desperately needful a no burn up month . 

Originally and primary, keeping road of your spending practices in addition to cash is chief. I obtained a life-size daily planner correct prior to my no spend month started and I mostly kept a record of the whole lot my fees. I discern there are apps that do this given that you these existence nonetheless call me old-time fashioned ! 

I swore off any also everything shopping—no fresh dress, splendor merchandises, purses , etc . I sole budgeted given that groceries also billows. It was mostly full-on hibernation mode . 

Only of the most well-to-do stuffs I commenced doing was bringing my lunch every sunlight hours to labor, which included gaining the most of feast leftovers furthermore meal prepping at the starting up of the week . Also, no trips to Starbucks or Smoothie King!

Usually as I jam-packed wakeful on fumes, I may possibly simply dissipate whatsoever was needful to fill my tank other than I created it a good deal of plenty useful to compilation a breaking point. I’m thence thankful as a brusquest shuttle to labor. I sole dried-up $50 on gas this month ! It’s the minor topics, I notify ya .

Oh, furthermore a snowfall storm helped. It’s appreciate mommy persona knew I may engagement attracted on the weekend , as a result she old her powers to slow down me take pleasure in forgoing the quarters.

Eventually, I used up sundry instant marketing bits and pieces loves my closet on the Poshmark app . Even if it’s not a precisely gigantic aggregate, I secured $142 inside sales , as a result that was fruitful. 

I’m extraordinarily satisfied of myself for the reason that not having the beg to splurge this month . My ambition was to except at least $1,000. Hence did I meet my goal? Yes, excluding main because I secured a quarterly bonus at my different job. 

What I discerned is my originally no deplete month was several similar to a break-even eras. I passed through credit card debt loves December Christmas window shop that I sought after to pay off in choked in addition to that’s in truth the biggest obsession that set me back . Subsequently, tack on journal rental fee, utilities , my area cellular phone bill , as well as groceries… plus there functions the leisure of my weekly returns.

By keeping route of my spending preferences I yet known that I ran down reachable to $500 on groceries because the month of January. Am I weirdo or is that the belief? I withstand a wife as well as a trivial fuzzy pussycat at house.

Beyond various self-reflecting , I additionally got here to the conclusion that I function go shopping given that a dealing mechanism given that loneliness . I prepared my top to avoid hunting at window shop blogs also web content also in its place concentrating on developing satisfied for the reason that my own blog , cleaning and organizing my shelter, cookery, along with binge viewing shows on Netflix. The whole thing huge distractions along with heck , however productive. 

If you suppose my no use up month starts furthermore ends here , feel all over again. That’s honest, I’m carrying this into February! If January was my break-even month at the moment I in actuality and accurately need the month of February to unless. Providentially, my credit card affirmation is a lot of numerous inexpensive this point in time. In February, I’ve collection the identical aspiration to excepting $1,000. 

Have you ready a no fritter away month ? Do you experience any excess info given that saving wealth a brusquest years of spell? I’d fondness to realize just about your taste in the comments !

xo – Kelly
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