How To Wear Purple Highlighters

ICYMI: There’s a new highlighter hue in town, and it’s gracing the gorgeous faces of some of our favorite people: that color is purple, and it’s super hot for fall. We can thank Rihanna for the gaining traction of this trend (although Nars and Milk have offered the shade before). Not only did she dare to wear purple as an accent color, but she’s also offering the shimmery lavender shade from Fenty Beauty. Of passage, varied brands labor under followed adapt, also at present it’s the must-own highlighter hue given that slipped.

Who may possibly wear it:
According to makeup actor Ashleigh Ciucci, in an interview with Allure, she says that purple is wonderful for: “Because they are on the quiet entire of the spectrum , they’ll peep more proficient on several trade event, still, or yellow-based skin tones . “They may lean ashy or white on darker skin tones .” Excluding, freely, somebody would rock the purple…perhaps mute the tone a scrap (read below as the how-to) .

How to wear it:
Simply equivalent to your go-to highlighter of election, the purple highlighter should highlight your costly points: cheek bones , brow bones , as well as bridge of nose . You may perhaps contribute a dot to the cupid’s sprawl exceedingly, specifically if you’re wearing a cool-toned lipstick . Purple highlighters loo not bad with a monochromatic facial expression, but they may well also troth worn for a unicorn-like accent dark with a organic gander (i.e. minimal , neutral-toned makeup also a nude lip) . A pop of purple on the inner angle of eyes is both good-looking furthermore eye-opening (wink, wink) .

Layer the purple highlighter way over a champagne or pearl darkness to reduce the lavender lustre (and class it plenty real-life wearable) .

Shop our favorite purple highlighters:
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