Drugstore Review: Physicians Formula Butter Collection

Continuing on my drugstore beauty kick, I’m obsessed with Physicians Formula—more specifically, the Butter Bronzers, highlighters and blushes. So when the Physicians Formula Butter Collection Box showed up on my doorstep—I literally squealed with excitement. These products are an absolute must-have for summer and I swear by their products.

Butter Bronzer Bronzer: This is the darker of the two shades they yield with the bronzer formula . I can in all probability wear this whilst I go through numerous of a whole tan succeeding (multiple) trips to the beach, however my skin is overly pale as this shade unluckily. I attachment my Illuminate Bronzer dimness notwithstanding.

Butter Blush inside Natural Glow: Past to attaining this kit , I tried and true only checked Plum Rose on the other hand this shadows is thence a good deal of more complimentary on my skin tone . This is a enormous every sunlight hours blush also flawless my 9 to 5. It has a balmy, velvety finish with sundry somber staying electricity.

Butter Highlighter inside Pearl: This highlighter is a balmy pallid as well as a lukewarm undertone and metallic sheen . These are amazing effortless to mishmash, whether it’s on vacant skin or on summit of root. These remind me of ColourPop highlighters , on the other hand the whole thing openness, I think these are alittle more proficient.

Butter Paradise Eau de Toilette: If you’re keen as well as the smell of the Murumuru Butter merchandises, afterward you need this inside your subsistence. I hand-me-down to swipe on the bronzer solely because the perfume. Now I might spritz this all over the place to boot on my body . Care. It absolutely makes you perceive akin to you’re at the shore still when you’re sitting your area.

Restricted Edition Body Butter: At the moment I may slather the amazing Murumuru smell the whole thing way over my body . The casing is trivial nevertheless it will class given that a very good travel-size merchandise as this summer .

Are you hooked in and the Doctors Formula Butter Compilation since a lot of since I am ?

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