Current Obsession: Body Makeup

Because we’re not all blessed with perfect skin, and many of us share common skin issues (we’re not alone ladies), our skin from head to toe requires TLC, too. And we’re not just talking skincare, we want our bodies to “pop,” bringing attention to our most valuable assets (wink-wink). Don’t worry about learning a whole new beauty craze, a few extra steps to our normal beauty routines is all it takes, and the results are instantaneous! Get ready to have a body party.

While applying bronzers plus highlighters to the facial features, seize the color a petite south in addition to present your collarbone , shoulders , as well as chest assorted fondness too. Bronzer at once sculpts these areas , interjecting depth bit luminizers precisely make them “pop,” inserting serious definition .

Lancome Star Bronzer Jinx Brush ($37)
Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Faultless Tan ($49)
NYX Born to Intensity Liquid Illuminator ($8) Sun Goddess
Tarte More promising Time Highlighting Moisturizer ($32)

The impending winter months achieves not imply we don’t desire to flaunt sexy legs all once a year extensive. Once we draw out the LBDs , we wish legs to contest. Self-tanners also bronzing lotions present legs color we may well hardly picture in the summertime , along with body oils (especially ones with shimmer) define our gams , making one another look longer furthermore all set for the runway .

Our preoccupation plus body makeup was barely arranged stiffer whilst we distinguished exquisiteness products envisioned because the body plus the produced benefits of makeup . You recognize how we diminished for BB creams manners back as they gave us shining skin ? Yeah, they do the equal because the body . Variable skin tone in addition to blotchiness are not skincare difficulties specific to the visage . Begin these skin woes the entirety excess of along furthermore foundations along with concealers plotted out because the body (usually thicker formulas because extended wear , as well as water-resistant!) to safe haven unsleeping gruesome skin discoloration or scars without effecting to agonize on the subject of rub-off . In addition to body balms furthermore bronzing lotions combine our moisturizers also skin-perfecting benefits exceedingly, so we don’t suffer to purchase a complete spanking new arsenal of attractiveness wareses. #Obsessed.

–Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed person who wrote it alive inside Long-lasting Sea shore, CA.

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