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Silver Brows… Brooke Candy

Note: Brooke is currently on tour, check her Facebook page for dates. Note: I didn’t list the cool lashes because they are not available in the US. In fact, I haven’t even been able to find them online. I get them at this tiny beauty shop in Little Tokyo, LA.

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Urban Decay X Beauty Is Boring, Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection Look #2

Makeup at the Mudd Club was definitely on the creative side with excessive amounts of blush and an avant-garde blend of punk and disco styles. Taking cues from that mash up, I went blush crazy and monochromatic with the bright cool pinks from the Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection. Note: Click here to see images from the Mudd Club!Note: If you would like to learn more about Jean-Michel Basquiat, his estate has created a website with tons of great resources. Click here to view it!.

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Urban Decay X Beauty Is Boring, Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection Look #1

There are a bunch of new colors in this collection so I created four looks, each showcasing different shades as well as inspired by different aspects of his art and life.  The first look (shown above) was inspired by Basquiat’s use of color. I didn’t want Demi’s other features to distract from the eyes so I kept her brows, skin and lips subtle. The lip color is actually a mix of the lovely nude shade in the Basquiat Collection called Abstract and a bit of lip balm to sheer it out.

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Prom Night… Ella & Gabe

Ella’s boyfriend Gabe Le Neveu joined us in the studio and also played DJ with a brilliant selection of 80’s/90’s music. They showed up with matching nail polish, a vampy, almost black shade and both did their own hair. I loved that Ella just flipped her head upside down, spritzed on some hairspray and then threw it all up in a pony tail… they are basically the coolest kids ever. Ella wore a gorgeous vintage Vivienne Westwood gown in a neutral metallic shade that she found at a thrift shop so we were inspired to do something with a touch of punk.

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Something Different… Brooke Candy

It’s really rather impossible to explain the creative thought process that went into this look because it was more of a flow of inspiration. And that is the amazing thing about working with Brooke. She is not only a strong creative collaborator but is also willing to try anything – even when it involves copper foil stuck to her hair and metallic liquid dripping down her torso. Note: Sadly the Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color used for this look was part of a limited edition collection several seasons ago and is no longer available for sale.

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