Bag Crush: Strathberry

Someone send me to ban island. It seems like I’m always on the hunt for a new bag and this one is a new brand I’m crushing on.

You may already recognize the brand—I first noticed it when Meghan Markle was spotted carrying this bag. Link up Strathberry, a luxury handbag row that’s handcrafted in Spain (one bag removes wakeful to 20 hours to create) . Strathberry is detected for their structured handbag shapes also clean words. I’m frankly not confounded that Meghan enjoys this file since this is highly inside line with her deepest method aesthetic .

Recently I’ve been exchanging older handbags for brand new luxuries equivalent to Chanel as well as Louis Vuitton. In my opinion, those are the major brands worth investing in because they meet up with the highest resale value then again every at the present as well as at that time, a class such as Strathberry comes along with I begin swooning .

Equal to the likes of Chanel furthermore Louis Vuitton, I imagine the charges take on their bags is pretty reasonably priced (which I absorb to some, sounds ridiculous) . I’ve been eyeing the East/West Mini, a minute bag with two compartments (with an accordion technique look) , along furthermore a twofold length sequences shoulder girdle.

Near to a week ago , I in the end received a notification that several color ways of the East/West Mini were back in stock along with I carried it given that a authorize that I desired to take the submerge!

I purchased the East/West Mini inside Vanilla, a beautiful chic off-white color . It got back on my doorstep the succeeding week in addition to I was essentially ecstatic along furthermore the packaging the bag got here inside (a sleek black box plus gold writing, a thank you along with trouble card , along with of channel a dust bag) . The bag is really lightweight , particularly because a chain buckle. As well as I intimacy how versatile it is; the fasten itself is happier on the shoulder hence I may possibly wear it cross body or doubled wide awake. The accordion manner subsume attains brand given that decreased compartments nevertheless I’ve trained myself to troth a minimalist thus that’s not truly an subject matter because me . This bag arranged its debut at a marriage this weekend with it effectively house my telephone, a card case , a lipstick along with soft palate gloss , also my keys .

I’m utterly inside affection plus this little bag also it positively has me wanting to buy more sorts along with colors . As a result , what on earth do you suppose of Strathberry?

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