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Suck It Up Sick Days: How To Look Awesome When You Feel Your Worst

When you feel like crap, ideally the world stops and feels it with you. A snow day score when you’ve got the flu, a randomly granted work-from-home day saving you the explanation of your weekend-acquired arm brace or a serendipitous subway shut down when you’re terrified of leaving the bathroom floor. Shouldn’t sick days be national days of observance anyway? Unfortunately, the reality is we have to get up and show up on some days we’d rather be channeling robe, slippers and curtains drawn. I’m here to help you through several sick day scenarios, with upgrades to your look that focus more on where you can add flare or finesse instead of honing in on the trouble spots.

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Camera Ready: 5 Setting Powders For Every Budget

I’ve never made setting powder a permanent step in my beauty routine. To be completely honest, I rarely remember to use it. But lately I’ve needed more coverage (thank you breakouts, redness, uneven texture at 29) and so I’ve been opting for CC creams and foundation, which has led me to rediscover old purchases, free samples and new splurges. Before I share my thoughts on 5 setting powders under $40, here’s a quick breakdown on the different kinds of powders so you can find the right one for you.

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Sephora Spring Bonus Event Makeup & Skincare Picks

The Sephora Spring Bonus Event started last week for Beauty Insider Members that have Rouge Status. Naturally, I’m late to the party because I’m a VIB member but if you have the same status as me, or you’re a BI member, then we can start preparing now. Sitewide sales can be overwhelming, at least for me anyway. I’m not going to put together a laundry list of recommendations.

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Clean Beauty Swaps

Many years ago, amongst beauty devotees, organic and natural beauty products were admired, but generally paired with hushed comments about their efficacy.   We’re happy to report that in 2018, this is far from the case.  Clean beauty brands have come leaps and bounds, and the product offerings are better than ever.   Here are our top clean beauty swaps, many of which easily outperform their chemically-laden counterparts.

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The Dior On Stage Liner collection launches in early June and includes yellow, white, pink, blue, two finishes in black and a cool rust color. It’s accompanied by new fun shades of the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara. Definitely get on the waiting list for the liners because everyone I know is itching to get their hands on them!Note: For those of you who are thinking about makeup for festival season, this look is perfect for a day of dancing in the sunlight!Note: Ariel has some of the coolest hair I have seen in a while… and she cuts it herself! I’m tempted to break out the scissors!. .

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Ugly Lesson: Finding Beauty In My Mother’s Battle With Cancer

In 2006, a month after my father had died from his year-long bout with kidney cancer, my mom was diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor called a glioblastoma. For the next year and a half, I watched the most attentive, most loving, most quintessential woman in my universe fall victim to the devastating physical and emotional effects of one of the most aggressive cancers. It was then that I saw my mom’s femininity — which had for so long seemed like a non-priority — be stripped from her in so many ways. Growing up, I never really thought about the ways my mother championed beauty and femininity.

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