Monthly Archives: July 2019

Weekly Must-Have: Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you undoubtedly have seen CBD everywhere recently.   From sparkling elixirs to gummies to dog treats (…really), product after product keeps hitting the market touting the benefits of this supposed superhero ingredient.   While the jury is certainly still out regarding the efficacy of all these various offers, I recently tried Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil, and am most definitely here for it. Over the past year, I’ve suffered from crazy neck pain thanks to two pinched nerves.

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The Sunscreen Bible

It’s summer — which means sunscreen is in high demand. But, obviously you wear SPF year round because you know how detrimental UV rays can be for your skin…(duh). This post isn’t going to be to reiterate the reasons why you need to use sunscreen daily (because I know you know); instead, it’s about my favorite sunscreens for face and body, plus a few application tips. After all, with hundreds of thousands of sunscreens out there, it can feel like quite the feat to find the one right for you.

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2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

If you’re a Nordstrom credit card holder then you have early access to shop the biggest sale of the year. Don’t take this responsibility lightly. It’s an opportunity to stock up on all new items for the upcoming fall season and trust me, items sell out fast! I rounded up my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, plus a short list of the things I like to buy during the sale every year. I’ve gone a little shopping crazy the last couple of years so I’m going to do my best and only get things I need (and maybe a handbag).

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