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Natural Skincare Review: Fleur & Bee

As I mentioned earlier this year, one of my beauty resolutions is to incorporate more natural skincare into my routine. I’m excited about today’s post and to share with you a new brand to the natural skincare space—Fleur & Bee. A rep for the brand reached out to me and offered to send me full-size samples to try. For the record, I never accept free product in exchange for reviews (I only accept for editorial consideration) so this was up to me if I wanted to share my thoughts on the products.

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What You Need To Know: 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for beauty junkies at least!I’ve been patiently waiting for the dates to be released for the 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider Sale (also known as the Spring Bonus Event), and it’s almost here!!I kicked off 2019 with a no spend challenge for two months so my beauty spending has significantly decreased. I knew the spring sale would be right around the corner and so I’ve been thinking about all the products I want to buy and restock. Sephora has a discount event twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). Last year it was called the Spring Bonus Event and I assume that will be the same name this year.

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DIY: Cellulite Scrub

For women all over the world, cellulite is largely considered a “bad word. ” Some fear the very uttering of these three syllables can literally cause the “cottage cheese” effect. While cellulite is largely genetic, most forms are caused by a combination of poor circulation, fat pockets (that’s why you’ll see cellulite on your butt, thighs, and sometimes even arms!), and female hormones (another reason to adore your gender, girls). But here’s the thing: Skinny folk can be prone to the condition, too.

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