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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Why I’m Obsessed With ColourPop Cosmetics

Looking back on my early beauty blogging years, I don’t know how I ever managed to test 20-ish new products a week. You guys, I’m a bad beauty blogger. Instead of branching out and trying new brands these days, my makeup bag is primarily dominated by ColourPop Cosmetics. And I’m not sorry about it.

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DIY: Gold Face Mask

I first discovered using pure gold as a mask on my birthday last year, when I decided, on a whim, to travel solo to Bali, Indonesia. And no, at this point in time I had never seen nor read “Eat, Pray, Love!”Now, there are a ton of things Bali gets culturally “right” in my opinion. From the flower mandalas outside of homes and shops, to the glorious fresh healthy food available everywhere, to the near zero percent of the population that is homeless, Bali is a bastion of peace and wellness. But one of my favorite things I discovered in Bali was the pure gold face mask.

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Pretty In Pink Makeup And Skincare Picks

I know ultra violet is the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year and all but millennial pink is still very much dominating my beauty vanity. Granted, what good is the packaging if it can’t do the job? Luckily, that’s not the case with these pretty in pink makeup and skincare products. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Ethereal Glow: I’ve been using this cool pink blush for over a year now. The blush has a beautiful pigment and luminous finish with some serious staying power, so I never have to worry about it fading hours later.

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Pantone’s Color Of The Year: Ultra Violet

After Pantone gave us Greenery in 2017, we were happy to see a more beauty-friendly color for 2018: Ultra Violet.   This artistic and deeply pigmented purplish hue is just screaming to be painted on our faces.   While it may look intimidating at first glance, the shade can actually be quite wearable if you choose the right products – here’s what we’ll be trying out to stay on -trend this year. Butter London Pantone 2018 Color of the Year Nail Lacquer ($10)  – A pop of color on your nails is arguably the easiest way to try out this trend.

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Life Lately: Everyone Needs A Sick Day

Everyone needs a sick day. Or six. I’ve worked in an “open leave” environment for the past three years. If you’re not familiar with open leave, it basically means there is no limit to the amount of vacation or sick days an employee can take.

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Happy New Year & 2018 Beauty Goals

As I write today’s annual New Year’s post, I’m struggling to find the energy with this terrible cold/cough/fever. My husband and I have been surviving off chicken noodle soup, fruit & veggie smoothies and hot tea. While the last few days have been miserable, I’m just thankful I’m dealing with it now rather than later this month. Anyways, I always like to check in on last year’s beauty goals and see if I accomplished them.

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