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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Glowy & Glam Makeup Look

As much as I love my “no makeup” makeup looks, every now and then I like to get all dolled up—even if I’m not going anywhere. I snapped this selfie just to document the time and effort I put into my glowy and glam makeup look. I guess I was so focused on my MOTD, I didn’t think to brush my hair. [Cue the worried emoji]Finding the right products is the easy part.

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Lash Out… Ella Flood

We settled on this top and bottom combo (both Ardell) paired with Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Palette in The Rock Chic. The smoky gray and silver shadows soften the dramatic lashes for a look that subtly references the 1960’s. The pale peachy nude lips and cheeks also give a nod to the 60’s but the textures keep the look modern. Note: Ella is a very talented fine artist and she occasionally posts artworks to her Instagram, @oscarcash.

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My Winter Skincare Routine For Dry & Itchy Skin

It’s not even February and I’m already over winter. . Days like today have me really missing the warmer weather. Why must winter weather require so much effort?? From daily cleansers to exfoliating body scrubs to rich hand lotions, here’s a breakdown of my current winter skincare routine and favorite products.

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Repairing A Damaged Moisture Barrier

Do you know what your moisture barrier is? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many don’t even know what their moisture barrier is until it is gone.   Also known as your acid mantle, it is the top level of your skin that acts as a protective shield from anything and everything aggravating.   As you can see, it is crucial for any skin type to be healthy.

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The Women’s March On Washington…What’s The Point?

Did hitting the streets in Women’s March of 2017 make a difference?  It’s a good question. Here we are, exactly one year later, and none of us could have imagined even half of what has taken place in the last twelve months, especially in the women department.  With movements like #metoo and #timesup, we have unearthed the seamy underbelly of sexual abuse, pressure and harassment that many of us face at work–or in the world at large–and America’s psyche has shifted, in visible and invisible ways. And because we banded together in big numbers–just like we did in the Women’s March–we morphed too, from individuals being abused into a force to be reckoned with.

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